About Us

Public Communal Firm "Vodokanal" was founded by the Decision of the City National Council Sombor No. 03-331/1 since January 1961. As a Communal Institution "Vodokanal" had the task to do the construction and the maintenance of the public water system and sewerage in the city of Sombor.

Today Public Communal Firm "Vodokanal" is the institution with the lonf year experience of the employed, of modern and available equipment and to the citizens it provides:

Production of water

Production of water is performed on CSV "Jaros" from 14 wells of the second water layer and the plant for the preparation of drinking water, 8 subartesian wells in town and 9 subartesian wells in inhabited places. Water system net is of about 170 km of total length ... »


Conducting away and refinement of the used waters make the separate system of the used and atmospheric waters, public sewerage nets of the about 105 km length, of the total 16 overinflate pump stations, UPOV capacity 180,000 ES, 16.000 m3 of water... ... »

Performing the construction works

Performing the construction works on the building of water system and the sewererage. ... »


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